Thursday, April 14, 2011

Festival Update: 2011, A new year and a new date.

Welcome back to those who are returning from two years ago. And welcome to those who are visiting for the first time to what is the start of another year of Session Fest’.

Session Fest’ was first conceived as a festival for those that weren’t obsessed with high alcohol, complex ales and lagers. Instead this was a festival for people who wanted to share a conversation over a couple of pints or pitchers, without worrying too much about the side affects.

Session Fest’ however is not a rubber stamp to do away with your inhibitions. Instead we ask that you ponder the possibilities of a evenly lubricated conversation, courtesy of your local brewery.

Watch this site for updates related to this year’s Session Fest’ hosted by Naked City featuring many familiar breweries that you probably didn’t know were making ‘light’ beers.


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Session Fact

“Session drinking is drinking in large quantities over a single period of time, or session, without the intention of getting heavily intoxicated. Unlike binge drinking, the focus is on the social aspects of the occasion. A session beer, such as a session bitter, is a beer that has a moderate or low alcohol content - in the UK this would be around 4% e.g. Carling, or a bitter which is generally weaker than lager abv, while in the USA session beers may go as high as 5%. “