Friday, July 1, 2011

Festival Preview: Session Fest 2011 Updates. Draft list taking shape.

Seattle, WA – More incoming news regarding the confusingly themed beer festival in Greenwood. This week we received fresh confirmation of beers for the July 14th event. So far we have the blessings of American Brewing, Two Beers, Maritime Pacific, Anacortes, Emerald City, Golden Hills, Sound, NW Peaks, Big Time, Silver City, and Odin.

Session Beers at 5.00% Alcohol by Volume

  • 5.00% Silver City Ziggy Zoggy Lager
    Ziggy Zoggy is Silver City’s toast to summer and every moment we can cheers in celebration. Ziggy Zoggy is an unfiltered lager that balances a crisp and elegant honey-like malt flavor with assertive herbal hop character. Brewed in the tradition of German style
  • 5.00% Naked CIty Ewigelibe Hefeweizen
  • 5.00% Maritime Oatmeal Pale
    Our new summer seasonal "OATMEAL PALE ALE" is now on tap in the Jolly Roger. No, oatmeal is not just for breakfast any more, or stouts. This small single batch of beer is unique and tasty.  We've blended 15% of natural rolled oats into our two-row barley giving this beer a smoothness and flavor profile uncommon for a light summer ale. Hopped with all Amarillo hop also gives this beer a citrus and floral finish. Available now in our taproom and soon in local alehouses.
  • 5.00% Golden Hills Clem's Gold
    Clem's is brewed with western 2-row barley and noble hops creating a bold flavor with a refreshing crispness.
  • 5.00% Sound Belgian Pale
    …spend some time appreciating the aroma before you take that first sip. Admire the creamy fine head that forms, then indulge yourself in a continental pale ale previously served only this fresh on draft in Belgium.
  • 5.00% Sound Wheat
  • 5.00% NW Peaks Bitter
  • 5.00% NW Peaks Red
  • 5.00% Big Time Primetime Pale
    A three time gold medal winner in previous Great American Beer Festivals, Prime Time's delicate malt flavor and gently balanced hoppiness make it approachable to those unfamiliar with microbrewed beers, yet still has a sophistication that pleases seasoned drinkers of real ales.
  • 5.00% Odin Belgian w/ mace & cardamom
    Belgian Style Wheat ale is our newest offering.  Hints of spiced orange and mace make way for a fruity but clean finish on palate.  This beer is unfiltered, so it's full of body even though it's a failrly light style.
  • 5.00% American Brewing Pilsner

Session Beers between 4.50% and 4.99% ABV

  • 4.80 % Emerald City Dottie's Lager
    Dottie pours a clean and clear copper-reddish color with a frothy white head. The beer’s medium body and crisp finish results is a great all-season session beer best known for its balance, complexity and malt forward flavor.
  • 4.80 % Emerald City Whiskey Lager
  • 4.80% Two Beers ISA
  • 4.60% Two Beers Panorama Wheat
  • 4.50% Anacortes Cream Ale

Session Beers between 4.00% and 4.49% ABV

  • 4.00% Maritime Old Seattle Lager
    A light, clean, crisp lager. Reminiscent of beers brewed in the early years of Seattle. Flavorful, yet light in alcohol.
  • 4.00% Golden Hills Emez ( new release)
  • 4.00% Odin Freya’s Gold Kolsch
    Kolsch Style Ale is our take on the Kolsch ales native to Cologne, Germany. A barely detectable hint of ginger emphasizes the traditional crisp flavor. This is a perfect warm weather beer, full-flavored but light like sunshine for your summertime refreshment.

And this wouldn’t be a collaboration if there wasn’t some fresh ideas to the table courtesy of April Savage. Look for ciders from Ace, Spire, and Fox to be featured at this event.

Session Ciders between 4.00% and 5.00% Alcohol by Volume

  • 5.00% Ace Pear
  • 5.00% Spire Dark N Dry
  • 5.00% Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear CIder

Currently we have reached out as far east as Pasco and as far south as Vancouver. Look for further updates as more beers are confirmed for this event.

If you are a brewer and have a beer that is 5.00% or below 5.00% please contact April, Don, or Aurora at Naked City (206) 838-6299

Thursday July 14th, 2011 thru Sunday July 24th, 2011
the Northwest Beer Guide & Naked City Brewery & Taphouse present Session Fest’
8564 Greenwood Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 838-6299

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