Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the News: Stories trending NOW, Session beers

Folks, here is a well written article regarding the emergence of that other ‘extreme’ beer, the ‘session’ beer, from DRAFT magazine.

“Through informal polls, beer-rating Web sites, year-end lists, and—most important—the dollars we spend, we have made our preferences known. We like strong beers. We drink them. We hoard them. We pay extra. Scan the draft list at your local taphouse, and more often than not you’ll find it top-heavy with higher alcohol beers and very little, if anything, below 5%.

So what on Earth would lead a few brewers and pubs to turn their backs on us and dedicate themselves to weak beer? Have we not proven that we can session anything?”

Want to know more about the potential for a ‘session’ beer movement? Read the article from DRAFT magazine here.

Selling the session


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  1. Great quote from draft magazine. The taste of beer rely on its brewing technique.


Session Fact

“Session drinking is drinking in large quantities over a single period of time, or session, without the intention of getting heavily intoxicated. Unlike binge drinking, the focus is on the social aspects of the occasion. A session beer, such as a session bitter, is a beer that has a moderate or low alcohol content - in the UK this would be around 4% e.g. Carling, or a bitter which is generally weaker than lager abv, while in the USA session beers may go as high as 5%. “